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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my site design?

To select a different design template for your website, go to the Design & Layout tab in the Webin10 Tool and click the Designs option in the top panel. You can search for available designs using keywords or browse through the categories. You will be able to choose from free designs or purchase premium design templates that come with higher quality graphics and other extra features.

What areas of the site can I change?

You can customize the appearance of your website header, footer, navigation bar, background and sidebar. In addition, you can select from a number of layouts, customize the background color or image and change the appearance of text and links within the main content area of your website pages.

What is the difference between navigation bar and sidebar?

A navigation bar is an area of your site that features links to various pages. A navigation bar typically appears consistently on all pages of your site. A sidebar is an additional space on the left-hand side of your website where you can put information that you want to repeat on multiple pages. A sidebar does not have to appear on all pages of your site.

What is a Master Template?

Master Template is a page design template or design theme used as the basis for creating other pages of your site. When you add a new page to your website in the Webin10, the layout and content stored in the Master Template is copied over to this new page. When you modify the Master Template, the changes cascade to all other pages on your site.

What is a subpage?

Subpage is a web page that appears below the top-level pages in your site navigation. Subpages typically appear as a drop-down menu in your navigation bar. Using the Webin10, you can create up to two page levels in your site navigation – top level pages and one level of subpages. Within the tool, subpages appear indented in the list of pages.

What is an Intro Splash page?

An Intro Splash page is the first page that appears briefly to visitors coming to your site. This page then redirects them to your homepage. You can have only one intro page for your website. Using the Webin10, you can set the time in seconds that the intro page should be displayed before redirecting visitors to your homepage.

What is a pre-built page?

Pre-built pages come with pre-defined layouts and content recommendations that are best suited for a specific page. For example, the Products page will have locations where you can insert your product photos and descriptions.

What is an external link page?

An external link page is a link on your site pointing to another website. To add an external link page, click Add Page in the list of pages. In the popup window, provide the page name and select External Link Page from the New Page drop-down menu. When prompted, enter the page URL.

What is an add-on?

An add-on is an application that can be embedded on your site (e.g. a blog, an event calendar, or a form). Add-ons help make your site more interactive for visitors. For example, the form add-on can collect information from visitors interested in the products or services offered on your site and will deliver that information to your email address.

Can I build a website by my own?

Yes, you definitely can do that, and this is the goal with any site builder. Of course, your responsibility is to write the copy for the site, or change the images on your website template, to adjust them to your brand.Then again, you should always ask for help if you run any issues when building your site.

Can I build multiple sites on one account?

You can’t. Of course, I haven’t reviewed every site builder there is, but usually this is the case.This is one of the noticeable differences with the WordPress platform and I covered this topic already on the section “How many sites can I build on one account?” on this article.

How can I add a logo to my site?

You can add a company logo to your website. Select the Website Logo checkbox that appears as part of Step 2 in the setup flow and click the Browse button to locate the logo file on your computer. Use the Upload button to load the logo to your site.You can also add or change your logo when editing your site with the Webin10. Simply click your existing logo or the placeholder image that appears in the header of the page you are currently editing and replace it with your new logo. Make sure to publish your website after making changes.

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