So, are you planning on taking your business online? If not, you may be missing out on a wide range of opportunities for creating a formidable online presence. A website not only takes you on the internet but is also responsible for creating a unique identity for you, among others. How is this done? The domain name of your website does this!
Even if you may think that customers would be drawn to the quality of your business, it’s time to reconsider that thought. The domain name of your website would define your brand and creates your first impression on the customer. The URL of your website is the first thing that comes to the view of visitors, and they would see the domain name.
If you have a good domain name, it can be possible to create a positive impression on the visitors. Most important of all, a properly chosen domain name can deliver promising results in terms of brand recognition. Also, you could find a domain name with keywords as a positive factor for your SEO ranking.
These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the importance of the right domain name. So, let us find out the different tips that should always be taken into consideration when choosing your domain name. This discussion could essentially serve as a guide for choosing the domain and sub-domain name for your website.
Stay away from generic names
The foremost thing that you should take into account for choosing a domain name is to stay away from generic names. Generic domain names are commonly filled with keywords and people could not remember these names easily. On the other hand, a creative domain name could help you distinguish easily from the competition.
So, you could rely on existing words that fit your brand perfectly and also search for new and attractive words on search engines. You could also choose certain domain name generators which can take your keywords and initial domain ideas for creating a unique and creative domain and sub-domain name.
Selection of the right extension name
The next important concern on your mind should be the choice of a proper extension in your domain name. In the present times, you can find many extensions such as .net and .org as well as niche extensions such as .blog, .photography and .pizza. However, it is recommended that you go with the general .com extension in your domain name. The new extensions can be tempting but without the assurance of trust and credibility that comes with a .com extension.
You have to keep in mind that every visitor you have will not be tech-savvy. Some of them may type in a .com at the end of your domain URL with a fancy extension name and end up on an error page. This way, you would be losing customers! Therefore, you need to use the .com extension to avoid any unwanted risks.
Learn the importance of keywords
As discussed in the first pointer, keywords in your domain name could make it generic. However, you can use keywords to make your domain effective. Do you want to know how? Many SEO experts indicate that using keywords in a domain name could help gain higher rankings in search engine results and bring more traffic to the website. Furthermore, a properly chosen and placed keyword in your domain name would help visitors to understand the niche and focus of your website.
Various tools for keyword research such as Google Keyword Planner could help in finding new keywords which are associated with low competition and promising search volumes. However, it is essential to keep in mind not to choose a domain name that matches exactly with another website. This can help you stay away from poor rankings by ensuring compliance with Google’s guidelines.
The basics are highly important
Now, moving towards the next important factor in the selection of a domain and sub-domain names, we would have to focus on some simple criteria. Taking care of the basics can save you a lot of trouble in later stages! For example, you could choose a domain name that is clear and is short enough for anyone to remember. Complex and confusing names could be mistyped easily and won’t do any good to you.
The next important basic which you should focus on is to choose a domain name that is easy for reading and pronunciation. Don’t use any special characters and try asking your friends to read out or pronounce your chosen domain name. This can help you know whether your visitors would be able to remember the name of your website.
Avoid hyphens and double letters
While selecting a domain and sub-domain name, you should also avoid hyphens and double letters in the domain name. Hyphens are strictly a “NO” for your domain name as they signify spam domains and could influence the trust of visitors in your website. Also, the addition of hyphens to your domain name can make it difficult for typing and the cause of errors.
For example, if you have added hyphens in a domain name because it was not available, then your visitors could end up on the other website if they miss out the hyphens while typing your domain name. The same reason can be presented for avoiding double letters. If you don’t want to lose valuable traffic to other websites, then try avoiding these mistakes in your domain name.
Allow some room for expansion
You should be thinking of the long term when you choose a domain name for your website. Why? Your business would not be stuck at the present stage, and gradually, you would be expanding it in the long run. So, if you choose a domain name which does not have scope for the long-term of your business, then you could lose competitive advantage.
For example, if you have a burger joint, then a domain name like frankiesburgers.com can seem like the right choice at the moment. However, you can go with frankiesfoodjoint.com to leave room for expansion when you think of introducing some more delicacies on your menu. Pick a flexible domain name right from the start to keep away the troubles and frustration that come with movement of your site to another domain.
Lock in as soon as you can!
This is not a new fact that thousands of websites are created every day and so thousands of new domain names are also registered every day from all over the world. So, if you have landed up a particular domain name of your choice, then don’t think about it for long. Many people are looking for the same thing in their domain name just as you and they won’t hesitate in taking the domain name of your choice. Domain names don’t cost too much, and so you can purchase one easily, and if it doesn’t fit later on or if you change your mind then you can just put the domain name away for expiry.
Take care of originality
Trademark infringements can be a whole lot of trouble if you are not paying close attention to the choice of a domain name for your website. Before registering a domain name, you should aim at finding if there is an existing registered business which uses the domain name. Other than the fines which Google will impose on you for not complying with its guidelines, you would also be liable to face legal issues.
So, use Google to find out if a business already exists with the domain name of your choice! Most important of all, you should also notice that you need the same name for your domain as well as social networks. Find any names on social media sites that match with your chosen domain name. If you find any similar names at all, then it is advisable to make some changes and put your creativity at play for finding a unique and attractive domain and sub-domain names.
Don’t worry too much
Another important factor to keep in mind is not to stress too much about selecting the perfect domain. Selection of a proper domain name can indeed help you land up with better prospects for your business. However, if you don’t get your hands on the right domain name, then it does not mean the end of the world.
You could always focus on getting the idea underlying your business with the domain name and find success even without the proper domain name. Even though this does not mean that you can ignore the selection of your domain name, you could always prefer to change domain names at a later stage.
Choose the right domain registrar
The final concern which you should have in mind for selecting a domain name for your website is the registration of your selected domain name. You need to choose the right domain registrar to avoid any domain problems. Nobody would want to lose their domain name after establishing their website’s brand, would you?
So, choose a domain registrar company which is trustworthy as well as respectable. Furthermore, reliable domain registrar companies could help you lock your domain name to prevent unauthorized domain transfer attempts. This would help your domain name from unwanted hacking attempts that can cost you a profitable domain name and a lot of customers.
Final words
Therefore, it can be concluded that the user is the main focus while choosing a domain name. In addition to that, we also observed that originality also plays a crucial role in the choice of a domain name for your website. Follow all the pointers mentioned above to choose the perfect domain and sub-domain names!